I have just joined Clarity as an expert and I'm interested to know how others are promoting themselves on the platform.


What a great question / thanks for asking. Here's how some of the top experts are getting more calls.

1. Link Clarity on Social Profiles ( <- click to get your link)
- Obvious: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook
- Others: Email Signature, Blog Widget

Pro Tip: Schedule Tweets, Facebook Post or LinkedIn Message every week promoting your URL (I use to do this)

2. Engage On Clarity
- Use your VIP link to offer free calls to build your reputation & ratings (+ Reviews)
- Answer questions on Clarity (5% of question end up in a call request)
- Promote your Clarity profile link (Views = Quality) / View above
- Ensure (if you have the skills) you set your Areas of Expertise and use Keywords that people search for .. essentially anything that helps them make money (Fundraising, Marketing, Sales, Biz Dev, Legal, etc)

3. Engage Outside of Clarity
- Quora: Many of our experts have migrated their questions from Quora to Clarity Answers (Copy/Paste & Answer). It's a hack, but legal and fair. These answers show up on their profile so it help build credibility.
- Quora #2: Answer questions on Quora, and at the end of your answer, link your Clarity profile URL
- LinkedIn: Engage in Q&A within groups and add your Clarity profile URL at the end of your post.
- Guest Post (Other People Blogs) and at the end of the post, write "If you'd like to discuss further, call me on Clarity"
- - Add your Clarity URL
- Forums: Depending on your expertise, you can find Forums to help others (answer questions) but always end with your Clarity profile URL

I'm assuming you seeing a trend...

The more calls you do on Clarity + Ratings you get + Answers that get voted high quality (for a Topic) the higher you'll rank within our search.

That being said, 70% of my calls come from me promoting my Clarity link and I'm personally making $3-4K per month right now (and that doesn't include any #3 tactics (Yet! :).

Answered 11 years ago

Hey, Dan. Thank you for the answer. It's great to have tips from the actual founder.

I'm looking forward to see how your platform will develop into the future. I also found you on Twitter and I may schedule a call if I need something into the future.

Best regards,
Martin Zhel

Answered 11 years ago

I make it a habit to push people that e-mail me with questions to Clarity instead. If I can't answer the question with 2 / 3 sentences (in an e-mail), I propose a Clarity call.

Beyond that, I promote Clarity via my blog and I send out 1 / 2 tweets a month.

Answered 11 years ago

I am simply relationship and list building. Always endeavor to built trust by offering real and actionable value. Give them a free and delicious appetizer and they will gladly pay for an entree and desert!

Answered 11 years ago

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