What are good outreach strategies to research and find international blogs/websites/partnerships to increase international traffic to my website?

My website targets mainly international users, but a majority of my traffic comes from the USA. Most of my competitors get plenty of international traffic; what are some good methods to outreach and find international blogs/websites/partnerships that can help increase international traffic to my site?


1. Explore competitor backlink and citation profiles.

Looking at their backlink and citation data will help you identify relevant websites that may be useful for you to work with.

In addition to this, you'll likely identify competitor marketing tactics that can help spark your own ideas.

2. Use a tool like Buzzstream or GroupHigh.

If you haven't used these tools before, you essentially enter a few keywords related to your industry and the tools return blogs, publications and influencers along with marketing metrics to help you assess who to contact and also with your outreach management.

The alternative to using tools like this is to do it manually using search operators.

3. Use Buzzsumo.

Put your competitor domains and/or relevant industry keywords into this tool.

You'll find the best performing content in your defined period of time for selected keywords or a domain. You'll also be able to see the people who shared this content on Twitter allowing you to broaden your potential network.

There are quite a few different ways to get started, but I think those above are the easiest and help spark some immediate ideas.

Answered 8 years ago

Some tricky things you have to do- in google webmaster, bing website set your target USA.
After that your Research for your competitors, Develop the site which unlike your competitors.
If your spending money for traffic then go for PPC with your targeted keyword.
for organic International SEO make unique content, full seo friendly development, local usa search engine submission, domain must .com, or usa specified like, au

local business affiliate marketing.

Answered 8 years ago

If you are looking to achieve the key goal of increasing international traffic to your site I would recommend you approach this from 2 different areas of digital strategy:

1. The technical setup of you website that will help increase international organic traffic to your website
- What is the current organic visibility of your website in different countries? You can check this using Search Analytics in Google Search Console or you can check manually for a specific set of keywords (currently included in your page titles of your web pages) across different countries in Google. (Check out the Google Global Chrome plugin to help do this).
- Currently what is your domain setup online?
- Do you have one .com website that has content pages that target just the US?

Google highlights the Pros and Cons very well at on the different technical domain configurations that can have an impact on organic performance. For a .com US website for example wanting to target different countries internationally I would recommend creating a sub-folder per target country setup, with tailored country-specific content per sub-folder section. These sub-folders can then be geo configured to different country Google search engine results.

2. The outreach and content strategy can help increase referral and social traffic, boost brand awareness and also boost SEO performance also.
- Look for specific country and industry social groups within LinkedIn, Facebook and Google + to help identify new potential bloggers and also share your content
- Look for specific content hubs that will help you identify the best blogs by country and industry. is particularly good for this as it has sub-domains per country and industry niche
- Promoting content and services in the best country-specific forums may be worth doing (providing you can spend the time to build up a genuine profile in the forum to help build trust). Use tools such as to determine how popular a forum is and whether it's worth engaging in on a regular basis.
- Can you network locally with any international like-minded people using websites such as or and attend local meetings? This may help develop new relationships where you can mutually benefit from others and gain more exposure for your brand and site.

- Outreach to people you can find via blogger directories such as:

If you are based in the US or the UK you are more likely to find more suitable blog partners through these but if you are in another country you may want to do a more local search for country specific blog directories.

Finding social influencers and engaging with them individually by sharing your blog content, information, services and products.

Some useful tools to help do this are:
Buzzstream Discovery - - Social Influencer Discovery
Buzzsumo - - Content popularity and social influencer discovery
BuzzBundle - - Social Monitoring, Content Alerts and Influencer Discovery - Find Influencers and analyze any social account across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - Find Twitter and Instagram influencers via Hashtag searches - Find and connect with new influencers in your niche - Find specific content authors by country and theme - Find influencers that fit your content - Find an influencers email address

This method will require the most effort to engage in the social community but is likely to provide the best quality results

I currently do a lot of international digital strategy so let me know if you need any further support.

Answered 8 years ago

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