Should I incorporate my real estate career with my interior styling/art brand?

I'm a real estate agent, interior stylist & artist... I know, it's a lot. I have a website & a brand for my interior styling & art I sell called BMORE Chic - I'm based out of Baltimore. This website also has a blog and all social media accounts. It's still in the very early stages though. I would have time to establish it as part of my real estate career as well, but I can't decide if that's the right move! I'm really stuck here! This would be the description of my brand BMORE Chic if I decided to add real estate to the mix: A refreshing approach to meet all of your real estate needs - buying, selling, designing and even decorating your home with original works of art. So I either incorporate real estate to what I have started, or keep it completely separate. Please help! Thank you!!


Sure, why not?
Validate the need first by offering your services to other agents and if it's a hit then incorporate it into your real estate business.

Answered 4 years ago

Why can't you do both?

It makes complete sense to incorporate it into your real estate business. In fact, it is a great USP that could help differntiate you from other real estate companies.

On the flipside, there's no need for an all or nothing approach. Your interior art and styling skills likely aren't limited to just homes, so you should continue to explore ways in which you can expand these skills into other establishments (offices, bars, shops etc).

I think you can do both.

Answered 4 years ago

I feel ya! I'm a multi-passionate solopreneur myself. However, there are some things you may want to ask yourself before combining (or not combining) your businesses:

1) Do they both have the same target market?
2) Is there a need or problem in this market that would need a realtor/interior stylist combo?
3) Would this dilute or enhance your existing brand?

and probably the most important one:
4) What do you ultimately want to be doing in 1-5 years? Realtor or Interior stylist?

I can't say that running two businesses/brands will be easy when it's just you (or with a partner), but it can be done...and sometimes necessary depending on how you answer those questions.

Answered 4 years ago

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