How can an Eastern Europe start-up target the Western World?

I am currently working on a new online startup. The business is quite straightforward - a web design agency. The market is very saturated, but I still think it has a room for potential and new opportunities. I’ve been constantly monitoring the internet market and noticed that due to cultural, social and mindset differences people tend to perceive things differently. Obviously so, but sometimes I wonder what the client is really looking for?. Let me give you an example. Throughout the 4 year journey of creating startups, I have come across a lot of customers from all over the globe. Of course most of them wanted to get a worth service or a product. But I’ve noticed that people of the West are a bit skeptical about the East products. Well I consider myself an Eastern Europe citizen, but honestly sometimes people don’t see any difference. What are you really looking for when a new business has come to your hood? Quality service? - Yes! Treat your customers well and you’ll get more clients afterwards? - Yes! Be unique? - Yes! All these rules are significant but when I ask the questions on different forums I get lots of versatile answers and a lot of negative feedback. Maybe negative feedback brings more ideas? Do you actually look at the origin of the start-up or it doesn’t matter as long the great quality service is given? Best Regards, Sergey


Hi Sergey! Hope you're doing great! Let's review some key points , based in my experience working with Latin American Startups(that sometimes/often are in a similar position) and also from a Web Design Agency that i own in a niche market what i can tell you is:

-The main issue from what you're telling is distrust, credibility, or skepticism and the best medicine against that is to show your work, there is no other way they're going to work with you , you're clients wants to feel secure about making the right choice , and the best way to do it is to show that you can solve their problems or fulfill their needs.

-Customers will always want quality service, that you treat them right and that your product or service give them something unique, no matter where you're from, so you should always focus in those aspects.

-If we all look to the origin of the startup ?, the ones as us that are in the "industry" , we may give a look to the origin , but it's rare that the general public is aware of that. So as long as you maintain great quality and service,
the market will favor you.

-About the forums, i think that you just landed the wrong people , opinion towards Easter Europe in changing in a good way, just to give you an example; we are all amazed with Estonia Digital Citizenship.

Finally, you should just go straightforward and land some clients in the Western World, begin with a niche or something small , until you have the credibility and strength to land bigger clients.

If you need some help with this last point, i will gladly help you with the strategy to land some clients in the western world in order to begin and grow your business there.


José M.

Answered 8 years ago

The origin of the startup rarely matters unless you make it a point / problem for yourself. Asking the correct questions does. If you ask simple yes/no questions from your prospective customers, you will always get misleading responses. E.g. if you ask me whether I value quality, I will say yes. However, there might be 1000 other things I value more than quality or that I would be willing to pay more for than quality. So even though I value quality, it doesn't mean I will pay for a product that provides me with that if it lacks the 1000 other things Im willing to pay for.

Answered 8 years ago

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