How can I increase my active user accounts on my DiModa App?

I am looking to increase my user-base from 500 to 10,000 in one quarter. Play store link - iTunes link -


From your google play page it's currently hard to understand how your app works. It seems that users upload photos of their clothes,... and then what. It's not clear at all that it does what you say it does in the description (i.e. tell you how to combine the clothes you have well). Does the app tell them to buy new clothes? There's a screenshot with a $ price section, so it's all pretty confusing.

Also, you're targeting men. Depending on what your app actually does, it might be a better idea to target women, since women in general care more about fashion than men.

Once your app works well for its intended purpose, and is presented properly on the app stores, you'll want to get it covered more by the media and have it be used and publicized by influential people. There are several distinct routes I'd recommend taking for that.

If you'd like to discuss next steps in more detail I'd be happy to help,



Answered 8 years ago

First of all you can rewrite your App Store description to be more keyword friendly, for audience to find you easier in the store.
The main way to increase the users today as I see is to change the name of your app. I can find you great keyword for your man style app with a lot of monthly searches.
There are few more great tricks to increase the user base, ask me, I can help you out!

Answered 8 years ago

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