How can I take my platform ( to the next level, so members can use their social logins to get set up as members? *see other details please

Our platform has help clients with their brand for over 6 years. With over 192K members using it. But now it seems people are want the social integration such as Facebook and Twitter. How can I add these items without giving the other platforms access to my system?


This is an article I came across a few years ago regarding the decision of adding social login:

It does a good job of highlighting the key consideration points.

Answered 8 years ago

There are a number of improvements that I would recommend. Firstly, update your site to utilize best practices in today's design standards -- including a mobile-friend, responsive design.

While doing this, I would recommend you migrate to a content management platform like WordPress. In doing so, you can easily incorporate social logins, like you originally asked.

Your current platform has some inherent characteristics that will hold you back from "the next level".

I'd be happy to discuss more - feel free to book a call here on Clarity and I can get into specifics.


Answered 8 years ago

Your Site need more than 50+ Modification or Fixes because firstly your website design need to convert into User Friendly and Search engine Friendly Design some attractive Colors S schemes usage etc..
After that your site need to use correct CTA Its really important and another your Site need one of OFF Side Marketing Strategies one of free source Videos
Making Helpfull video that Somehow related to your Website niche and Share with Other's
Make some Value able content that refer your Website but its all of above strategies work when you changed your Website Designs
if you need any help free feel to message
Thank you so much for reading

Answered 8 years ago

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