Why aren't there any bespoke clothing websites dedicated to daily, basic wear?

Bespoke clothing websites for dress shirts and suits are a dime a dozen. Can the same model be applied to daily, basic wear such as shirts, sweaters, etc.? I can appreciate scaling may be an issue, but I think there are appreciable margins and a real niche to fill.


I actually really like this idea. As someone who doesn't care much about fashion, I'd be interested in learning "the basics" to make sure I look half decent i.e. do this, don't do this, have you thought about this... How to dress well on a budget...

Answered 8 years ago

I've worked in the fashion industry for several years with and with numerous manufacturers. I think it is because it costs $$$ to make bespoke products. Generally consumers only want to pay $ or $$ for basic clothing. You would have to figure out how to sell basics for $$$. Let me know if you'd like a follow up!

Answered 7 years ago

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