Hi, Currently am currently working on my startup idea, with in 2-3 months am about to release my product in the market, I want to make sure whether am going in the right direction or not? I want to audit my startup idea regarding technically, business model, revenue model, marketing strategy etc.....

The key to understanding if you are going in the right direction from a product standpoint is to get it in front of users - so if you haven't let some of your potential end users spend time with the product, or at least put the concept in front of them to solicit feedback - that would be priority one if I'm in your shoes.

As for auditing the other aspects you've referenced - Clarity has experts that can provide feedback on these across the board. In fact, you're likely to find experts in each area that also have experience with a concept or product similar to yours - which allows for a higher degree of specificity and context. I'd suggest searching keywords related to the topic area as well as your industry / product category. This is an extremely common use case for conducting Clarity calls.

Good luck with your pending launch! Happy to help you identify experts as well as a plan for engaging them in a way that will help you achieve your objectives.

Answered 5 years ago

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