What are the methods for the 2 steps marketing funnel?

How can I create a 2 step funnel and drive traffic to an online offer to generate 40+ leads a week? (using Facebook or Linkedin for instance). 2 steps funnel = traffic = closing $$



Great question and one many people struggle with and part of the reason people get frustrated or afraid to invest in online marketing. They have a great product or service but (a) don't know how to find their exact target audience who has money and (b) how to monetize it or generate leads to then monetize it. Funnels are the best way to do so, automate the process and weed out people who have no interest in your product.

There are several softwares out there that work quite well, lead pages is a popular one, I prefer Click Funnels for the amount of freedom and ease of creativity / integration capability along with support.

I am generating all my traffic from highly targeted FB ads and also LinkdeIn by directing them to my funnel which is converting around 10% right now which is quite good

To answer your question more specifically I would have to know more about your industry, however you may want more than 2 steps in your funnel depending on your goal. Giving away value first could be a step to capture contact info, then possibly a detailed question page, then sale page, then schedule a call page etc depends on what you are trying to accomplish

Or perhaps, opt in , sale page, up sell, down sell, checkout, thank you page to increase profits

Quite easy to do, just need to fully understand your audience and your end goal

I also have a bit of a secret source to see the best converting funnels in almost any industry you can get ideas from, happy to share if you like. Saves a ton of time and see the ones that are making money which can give you ideas regards to copy for your funnel

Facebook and Linkdein are both great tools if you know how to use the advanced features and not waste time, I could easily go into more detail based on who you are trying to reach what the best method to do so. We are helping a client right now and generated about 50 sales last week via FB

I also have this offer: I will reveal your top 2-3 competitors and their best marketing strategies for free. So you can see the people in your niche, how and where they are spending money on advertising and use that to your advantage and can also incorporate content you know that is already converting into your funnel page

Let's setup a call for some follow up questions and answers.

Thank you for your time and great question
Take Care
Jarred Bonica

Answered 8 years ago

Here's how I would tackle this.

1) Make sure your "offer" is kickass and provides overwhelming value to your prospective customers. I would focus on a long-form content (PDF, ebook, slides) or actually something free that people would otherwise have to pay for it.

Takeaway: you gotta give people a really good reason to sign up for something.

2) Create a landing page that drives conversion. Ideally your whole web presence should be strong but specially your landing page for this "online offer" needs to be flawless. Design for trust. For example, be specific about what the person will get for signing up using normal language. Don't say "sign up for this valuable ebook" instead say "Learn how to XYZ with this 32-page practical ebook."

Unless you're really well-versed in web design, you'll want to probably have someone help you out here. I'm happy to give you advice. There are also some services out there like that will help you build good landing pages.

Don't forget to track everything you're doing so you can run some experiments like A/B tests.

3) Driving the traffic. It boils down to either inbound or outbound. Long-term you're better off with inbound-heavy approach. That mean content, content and more content. Again, you might need someone to give you some initial pointers here. One of the approaches I take is to tap into freelancer networks like and others to help me create content quickly.

As far as outbound, I have a little Linkedin hack I use with Linkedin groups. But in short it all depends on your industry and what you're trying to sell. Facebook ads is very easy to do it yourself and start with very small budgets. Growth hacking here is key. Even if it mean you reach out to people one by one on Linkedin, sometimes you just have to hack your way to momentum.

4) Optimize and test like crazy. There are a lot of tools here to help you like Optimizely (too expensive) and likes

Honestly, it will all come down to short term vs longer term approach here. It's hard to give you more advice without more context around your product, company, industry, etc.

I'm happy to chat more. I'm brand new here but love the idea of helping others solve challenges. I'm currently managing a multi-million dollar program with hundreds of freelancers and 10 employees for a Fortune 50 company.


Answered 8 years ago

What niche?
What price point?
What are you offering?
What is your CPL target?

Figure it out backwards:

40 leads = 5% conversion rate
40*20 = 800 opt ins per week (at least) at a 5% conversion rate
800*20 = 16,000 clicks from campaign.

At a $1 per click average, you would need to be able to spend 16k per week on your advertising.

I think your numbers are too aggressive, especially if you are posting this as a general question here on Clarity.

How do I know this? This is what I, and my agency do.

We can have a conversation, and I can provide some more direction for you, but in general I would look at getting 1 lead per week at first, and then scale from there.

Answered 8 years ago

You need to be able to target the customer exactly where they are in the funnel. Customer lifecycle marketing is a marketing approach that targets individual customers where they currently exist within the customer journey.
A proper customer lifecycle marketing strategy can:

* Increase consumer trust in your brand
* Increase customer retention and loyalty
* Reduce instances of customers abandoning shopping carts
* Reduce customer churn rate

Ultimately, all of this leads to a major increase in profitability. Not only is it inherently profitable to have a solid base of recurring customers spending their money on your products or services, but retaining customers is also much more cost-efficient than acquiring new ones.

You can get more on the how and why of lifecycle marketing in this blog from Fieldboom:

Answered 7 years ago

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