How do I structure a legal agreement to send leads to a consultancy that advises on market entry?

I am in contact with a market-entry consultant who consults with international businesses about market entry strategies into a certain country. I am in a different part of the world and can push him at least three kinds of leads that might need to visit the country and do fact-finding or more engagement-related activities: 1. Business leads -- businesses interested in that market who need to visit and get information; 2. Educational and cultural delegation leads -- I can send him groups that want to explore the country through the culture and the arts. How would I structure a legal agreement like this? Glad to consider a phone call if you feel you can add strong value. Thanks for any help ahead of time.


I would set up a simple referral fee agreement.
This could be 15% on the overall billing paid out the moment the client pays the market entry consultancy.
You may want to include a clause that all recurring business should also attract a referral fee. Consulting assignments with new clients normally start small and then grow bigger over time.

Answered 8 years ago

With "leads", you mean they're prospective customers of your company?Your question isn't specific but I imagine you are perhaps worried that your company could end up getting cut out of a deal? That's not a difficult concept for a legal agreement, would be happy to suggest a way to handle it. Then there's the choice of lawyer and jurisdiction. Again, depending on where this country is, I can perhaps recommend. This could be a fairly short call depending on the other relevant information that we can discuss.

Answered 7 years ago

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