How can I convert my well-developed chat application into a commercial application in order to gain revenue?

I have developed the chat application which have the features of Text chat, Group chat, Video calling & video conferencing. I want to convert this application as a Skype, google hangouts, whatsapp etc to get some revenue... , can you please suggest how to convert those application as a pure commercial application to gain some revenue? Thanks in advance


You can make it entity based. For example , brand it for an elite group usage.

You can also make it server based, where entities , like universities, clubs or companies, can use it for their internal network to reach each others.

Answered 8 years ago

Wow, Congrats you built an awesome product.

Let's talk about revenue generation.

>Its technology product, that depend on specific programming language like php, .net, ruby etc. and platform like desktop, pc, mobile, web.
>Make them trustful and well secured and keep the demo online that client/user can experience completely before they purchase < Its for transparency of your product

>You need to create a product website. with in details structure of the pricing. whatever you are offering
(I suggest you to keep costing variation low as per real market, for client attraction)

>Call some small industry give them for free trial basis and make them as client that you can refer on your website.

> One you got some trust from the clients you set to go.

> If you think this product is compete to Skype, hangout, etc such type services they go for online marketing

>just like pay per click, online advertising, affiliate marketing, display ads and more to attract client on your product website.

That's the simple way to get start your revenue from your product.

Answered 8 years ago

First you need to develop a business model for your application. How are you going to make money, who is your customer, how much you believe you can charge per customer and what is the value they get from your application. Then you need to figure out how to acquire those customers. No one can give you a definite answer here, figuring out a business model, value proposition and customer acquisition strategy and executing on them are all crucial components every startup needs to figure out by themselves.

Answered 8 years ago

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