Is this is a good idea to start an E-commerce platform to sell all the Accessories at one place?

Hi, I am planning to start an E-commerce platform to sell all(A 2 Z) Accessories only. One stop online shop for accessories For Ex: Car,Fashion,Automobile,Textile,kitchen,Gardening,Sports etc. Can anyone tell will this idea works or not?


Yes, you can. However, the success is highly depended on the information architecture. You need to plan in creating and arranging the categories & subcategories in such a way that it gives the best user experience. You can also cloud powered instant search tools like Algolia to make the product finding easier via search box.

Answered 8 years ago

Your idea is not new, however it is a great idea that requires more than just being an idea. What you need is a lot of determination, planning and funding to get started. It is an idea that lacks detailed reasons why your new e-store should become a success after entering a market that is already flooded with similar businesses. To decide the final part of your question you need to ask yourself why you want to do that kind of business, how much you are prepared to invest in the idea.

Answered 8 years ago

Based on my E-commerce business experience, i would like to say / advise / put across my opinion that Apart from Setting up portal, tieing up with Vendors who supplies Accessories or a market place, Logistics across various geographical areas, etc.. all these one side and the other side is promotional of your E-commerce, this eats all your margins initially if not planned well.

E-commerce will get more money in turn promotional has to be done in many ways and the cost is also huge. The other side is very important (ie Promotional , campaign, Social Media Advertisement etc....) Many have good portal with several products but due to lack of funds for Marketing could not survive.

We can discuss more over phone if you wish.

Answered 8 years ago

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