Currently Agents charge their sellers and buyers commissions, but they seem to be struggling to attract a wider audience of buyers. What would be the best approach, charging them a percentage out of their commission following a successful sale via the platform or offering a subcription fee with flexible incentives or charging buyers?

You're describing the problem, it's setting, and your platform very vaguely. But from general principles, it's best to charge in the least noticeable way possible, so a % of the seller's commission would be the best method.

That way it's invisible until a sale comes through, and even then, it occurs automatically as a deduction. If you charge a subscription fee you're requiring the seller to actively pull out their card and send you money, a barrier that's much harder to get them to cross than the less noticeable, passive and automatic deduction from a sale.

If you'd like to discuss the issue with respect to the specifics of your particular platform and its market, let me know and we can set up a call,



Answered 5 years ago

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