What are some affordable vendors to support mass texting to multiple groups of customers (for a nonprofit)?

I have a nonprofit client that engages hundreds of college-aged students each year as mentors for young students; they also engage 1,500+ adult-aged volunteers in supporting these students. They would like to explore a way to send mass texts to these groups such as: - Weekly tips for their college-aged mentors who are working with kids; - Monthly inspirational quotes/life tips/etc. to the thousands of alumni who served as mentors when they were in college; - One-time thank you messages (potentially with an image) to the volunteers (e.g. on the day after they volunteered) There does not necessarily have to be a donation component. In the future, they also might be interested in a text-based giving program; however, for now, they are just looking to use this tool to strengthen relationships with these important stakeholders. The only program I've researched so far seemed too expensive. I am looking for a very affordable means for communicating regularly with supporters by text. Thanks!


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If you have a developer on your team, Twilio is pretty simple to set up and extremely cheap (fractions of a cent per text message).

As your system gets more complex, though, a custom solution may be a bigger hassle than it's worth. It depends on how technical the people on your team are, I suppose.

I've built simple systems like what you're after, and once the upfront cost is taken care of, the cost of sending messages themselves is negligible. Provided the system doesn't need to change or add functionality frequently, of course.

If a custom solution is something you're interested in, I'd be happy to walk through the implementation details with you or your team. Good luck!

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If you could answer the following:

1) What country are you aiming at?
2) How many messages are you likely to be sending monthly?
3) Do you require inbound SMS?
4) Do you have technical expertise in-house?
5) What programming languages do you have available?



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Thanks for the answers so far. There is zero technical capacity on the side of the team; they are considering this as a long-term strategy, so there might be an interest in a custom solution ... but for now, they are probably looking at a third party solution that they can evaluate for a few months.

Answered 8 years ago

We own a text message marketing company with one of the most comprehensive yet affordable platforms at that can accomplish everything you mention. Feel free to check it out and try the free demo and if necessary we can schedule a free call for any questions you may have.

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I have been using SignalVine for a year and they can create multiple text messaging campaigns for different customers. They can also help you write scripts as well.

Answered 8 years ago

Some affordable vendors to support mass texting to multiple groups of customers are as follows:
1. JookSMS
JookSMS was founded in the year 2015 with the motive of providing a reliable and efficient bulk SMS service to companies. The team at JookSMS believes in formulating solutions that are easy to use and in tune with the evolving communication needs of the businesses. It is a well-known mass messaging service that offers convenience and flexibility of the highest order. It lets the user scale their messaging campaign and also offers sufficient scope to customize their campaign as per the needs of the business.

One can send SMS to unlimited number of subscribers using JookSMS, as there is no limit on the same. It also offers the facility to compose and schedule a SMS campaign in advance, which helps save time and ensures wider outreach and impact. Aside from the primary service of bulk texting, JookSMS also offers data collection service. The SMS data can be captured in a meaningful manner and used to strengthen the digital marketing campaign.

JookSMS services are available to run surveys on customers and question them as well. JookSMS offers API and also provides a global messaging network that can be used to gain access to the usage of app against social media and online banking services. Best for every type of business, it is, in every way, the bulk SMS solution that companies need in the current times to engage customers. So if one wants to leverage the power of SMS for the benefit of their business through a smart, secure and simple bulk SMS service solution, one can put their money on JookSMS.

In fact, there is a custom package too that lets one enjoy services tailored to one's unique needs.

2. EZ Texting
EZ Texting was founded in 2006, and today, it stands at the forefront of global bulk SMS texting service providers. Vivint, PureAir, PrepHoops, Lykins, MFitness, YWCA, Schewels, GCI, and the like rely on it for mass texting. One can also set up text forwarding, recurring messages, drip campaigns, and more without any problem. With EZ Texting, one can send messages in just three steps and store all the contacts in one place.

3. Text Marks
Founded in 2006, Text Marks is one of the leading mass text messaging service providers in the world. The service comes packed with features that let one send texts to thousands of customers at once. It helps to attract, engage, and retain the customers through custom SMS marketing. Text Marks is a strong yet simple messaging platform that ensure security at all stages of usage and lends wings to the SMS marketing and promotion campaigns like no other service. So if one wants an affordable solution that would prove to be value for money, then Text Marks is the right choice.

4. Trumpia
Founded in 2006, Trumpia is a well-known marketing automation company that offers one of the most efficient mass texting services to users across the globe. Trusted by the A-lister as well as the anonymous, it is a smart and robust solution that carries the most sophisticated set of features to run the texting campaign. They include mass texting, two-way texting, mobile keywords, text-to-vote, appointment reminders, pictures, and videos. It integrates the different communication channels, i.e., email, social media, MMS, and voice, at one platform, thereby ensuring 100 percent outreach to the customers. So if one wants a simple mass text messaging service that will get one going in one go, then Trumpia is a must-check.

5. Red Oxygen
A complete package, it makes SMS sending a cakewalk, and one can reach out to customers through custom texts on all types of handsets and messaging apps. One can schedule SMS sending too for future dates and generate reports on the performance of the campaign to frame the next strategy. It is also super convenient to keep track of the campaign in real time, for one can access the dashboard anytime anywhere. User-friendly, cost-effective, and customer-oriented, it is the solution that will help one capitalize on the power of SMS communication to the fullest. So if one is searching for a new-age, nifty solution, then one must give Red Oxygen a try.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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