Can you control whether a paperback or kindle version of your book appears first in an Amazon search?

When you look for a book at Amazon and it exists in Kindle and Paperback, sometimes the paperback is first, sometimes the kindle. Can we control it?


Not any way that I can think of. I would trust Amazon's judgement on this one. They want to sell your book just as much as you do.

Answered 5 years ago

If you're wondering if you can control what a reader sees, the answer is no. That has everything to do with whether or not the reader has chosen to look at the book category or the kindle category, and often Amazon will pick and choose book or kindle based on a readers' buying preferences if they don't specify the kindle or book category. Either way, they buyer will still see your cover, they will still be taken to your Amazon page, and they can still purchase that book in any format they wish, so it's not something terribly important or impactful when it comes to sales.

Answered a year ago

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