Can I double the fees of accreditation in a holistic arena that historically feels they can charge only $100 year?

Other organisations only delve into practitioners and school accreditation, where ours opens up accreditation to more than 10 areas - we believe all should be accredited. Scholars, Educators, etc. We have not opened yet, and finding a good membership $ placement is important. Infact, we are thinking of offering upto 5 courses accredited for $$.


You dead on. Finding the perfect price point for products is critical, not having a clue of what your product value is, the perceived value and what clients are actually willing and able to pay can kill even the best of products and brands.

In short - Yes, you can charge double or triple. Most advisors will suggest what is easiest - don't go too high or you will lose share - I say, you're doing a lot of work already, lets do a little more and make it pay back trifold.
Focus on building a brand, reach out to potential users, offer help, suggestions, promote promote promote in a clear and consistent way. Also, make sure that you do it in the right channels with the right content.
But always avoiding competing on price, matching prices and not being afraid to reject clients.

Answered 8 years ago

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