I build "no code" solutions using MS SharePoint and Nintex tools, and they involve programming concepts (loops, variables, arrays) and development concepts (debugging, testing, agile). I use a few front-end markup hacks here and there, but it's mostly done without actual code. How could this background be made relevant to product management jobs? Possibly even junior dev jobs? Or is this background too far removed from coding with actual languages (Python, Ruby, etc.) to be relevant? Thanks for the help!!

Your skills would be most useful if you were starting your own startup and needed to make an early prototype to show to investors or potential cofounder developers.

Your experience in debugging, testing, and agile, could help you get a job as a product manager, and the fact that you have a background in some sort of 'coding' will help too. It's very unlikely that it would help you get an actual dev job though, since you wouldn't be able to translate your programs into actual code that could be taken over/continued by other devs. Even if the programs you mentioned do allow you to export as code, it's unlikely that it would be exported in a way that's very usable by other devs.

Answered 5 years ago

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