If I was to create a company that creates tools for new media artists, how do I market it to millennials' and generation z's?

I came across the idea of purpose (meaning) driven companies, such as Apple, Facebook and Airbnb which direct the future of their companies based on abstract concepts rather than existing products. Meaning such as "connecting people, thinking different", etc. My simple question is this: if I was to create a company that creates tools for new media artists (such as augmented reality, projection mapping, audio, etc) how do I touch millennials' and generation z's hearts? What and how these people currently think about art, being creative, changing the world? I'm a millennial myself and I think I might know what it is but I just wanted to a second opinion on this. My current thoughts are about millennials (I don't know much about gen z). -Entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial (we don't like bosses or being told what to do), we need to have control over our present, even if we make less money. -We hate corporate slang and ties, even if we are selling insurance we want to use shorts, flipflops and say "hey dude I just sent you the photo" instead of "Dear Mr. Duderino, please find attached the requested photo previously mentioned in our last conversation". -We want to make a difference (really not just pretend). Differently from previous generations who thought changing the world was selling cellphones, we want to revert climate change, reduce poverty, be more authentic, although we are probably doing the same mistake. We also lack the willpower to do it, so we are just waiting for someone who will finally create a video-game that will allow us to donate and save a kid in Africa for every zombie we kill. -We want to be unique and creative but it is so hard! There are millions of artists competing for a little bit of attention now that art and technology is accessible for everyone. Some business models were destroyed so many people who truly wanted to be musicians for example and not designers went to ad agencies to design web banners (that nobody clicks) to sell sugared water, because that was the only thing available that could allow us to be creative, but is still NOT creative. Sorry my English, it is not my first language!


Where do millennial and gen z artists hangout? What are their burning pains and aspirations? What language do they use? Do you truly understand what they really want?

My perspective is that creating solutions to your target market's burning problems will increase your chances of success as a business. Your business having the same values as your target market is fantastic, but it won't mean much if you're not delivering what they're willing to pay for.

I hope I understood your question correctly.

Answered 8 years ago

First and foremost, it's important to realize that Millennials and Generation Z value very different things when it comes to marketing.

For example, Millennials typically respond more positively to WELL POSITIONED online advertising if it provides a solution to a need. Meanwhile, that is the quickest way to lose GenZ.

No matter how much you spend on digital ads, sophisticated funnels, or how suave your sales copy may be, Gen Z can see right through your games and isn’t having any of it.

As a digital native generation, we’re already steps ahead of the clutter with ad blocking technology — not to mention an ultra-discerning eye and incredibly short attention span. All of this combined with a general distaste (hatred) for being sold to online, digital advertisers are in for a rude awakening.

Potential solution: Include Gen Zers in part of your strategy. Ask their opinion, give them a platform, and provide them the means to syndicate it. Forge a bond now by creating that personal connection, so they end up coming to you and serve as a strong referral source. In other words, engage, don’t just passively advertise.

This is just one example of many. I'd be happy to discuss this further!

Answered 4 years ago

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