What is the best breakthrough strategy to find larger companies that are seeking outsourced development teams, as opposed to one person for dev?

I need to know where to look for contracts for full Web I've been getting deals for business partner for 10k to 15k a mo, but we want larger contracts, spopeeking companies in need of development teams say 45k mo and up. But 40 to 60k is the value of business opportunities ideally. I'm seeking to source for range of high level web, software, mobile development contracts. I'm looking for guidance and where to search specifically, what title of person in company is best to speak with.


At the agency I started, we tackled this by working toward higher visibility in the industry. For example, when I was growing the agency years ago, I wrote articles for sites like Smashing Magazine, Nettuts, CSS-Tricks, and so on — this granted authority and presence to my agency.

Then, my team and I started attending (and, ideally, speaking at) conferences wherever possible. Again, this lent us authority and presence.

In both cases, we were putting ourselves out to the community at large as a professional agency with deep expertise that was capable of handling large projects.

This alone led to inquiries from several agencies, which was great: we had effectively manufactured a referral network for ourselves by writing and speaking.

After that, we started attending local design meetups and events. I'd seek out agency developers, product managers, producers, and anyone with the title "technical lead" from the larger agencies, and then — WITHOUT PITCHING ANYTHING — I'd try to get to know them and hear about their problems, and I'd share anything I could to help.

Word got out that my company was friendly, helpful, and not just trying to work angles for contracts. And as a result we landed a lot of contracts from agencies, and regularly booked $50K+ projects.

It's not exactly a quick formula to follow, but that good will has followed me AFTER I sold my company, and I'm still working with fantastic companies who seek me out — so while it's not fast, it's a very sustainable approach.

I'd be happy to discuss specifics with you and help you lay out a concrete strategy if you're interested.

Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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