Is promoting an online accounting tool/project management tool in specific countries a risk worth taking?

Hello, we hear every day about a new accounting tool that offer enterprises an easy way to do accounting, and we also hear about another tool that help businesses manage projects, millions of examples are there, especially SOS solutions. I've been thinking about this idea since quite some time, I live in a country that is very exposed and open, but not in this part of the businesses and the companies here need such solutions, my idea is to agree with these software company to officially promote their services and offer it to clients here, I could even become as a client support office and partner with them if needed and offer language localization, only for a flat fee or a profit percentage per client, from your experience, does this kind of business take? Will become profitable and sustainable one day?


I'm afraid they will not take you in if you're working with another company. They would see this as a potential conflict of interest. However, that position you're describing -Country Manager- could come with a good salary and opportunities to grow within the company.

What you should do is to make a list of every company you want to work with, and look for other "Country Managers" (that's the position you're describing) in the company are: their background, profile, M.O., etc.

If you fit the profile, you should pitch them as hard as you can, and you have to have a good strategy to do so. Remember, if you can't reach them, it means you will not be able to fulfill your duties as a country manager. You have to show them what you're capable of doing.

Answered 8 years ago

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