What is an API that has inventory data for all apparel retailers regarding their name, description, brand, colors, styles, and prices?

Last year I invested in Passo, a solution that enables shoppers to verify and share their shopping preferences with retailers across web and mobile. Through Passo's API, retailers can access and utilize Passo's verified preferences to offer shoppers a more personalized, immersive shopping experience We're looking for APIs that have inventory data for all apparel retailers. We would like to get the following information on all items: - Name - Description - Brand - Colors - Styles - Price - Link to where someone could buy the item We would like the data in JSON or XML. We would also like the "fits", "styles", and "patterns" to be separate fields. For example, for one t-shirt, ideally we would have the following: Name: Plaid v-neck t-shirt Description: Plaid v-neck t-shirt for summer Brand: J.Crew Type: t-shirt Colors: ["green", "purple"] Styles: ["plaid", "v-neck", "short-sleeve"] Price: $10.00 Link to buy: With gratitude, Eran


I worked on a prototype of an application with similar needs but focused on furniture instead of apparel. Unfortunately it was pretty tough going. The best data we found was through sites like Commission Junction (now 'CJ Affiliate') and ShareASale. These sites also have apparel data, some of which I saw during the process (since during testing I didn't really mind the type of products).

The data we got from them is quite a bit like what you've described, but it's hit or miss when it comes to accuracy. Their 'API's also leave a lot to be desired, we ended up having to build some FTP fetch-and-parse type systems to deal with each provider and update our own dataset.

Answered 8 years ago

There isn't one. You basically need to scape everyone for the data unless they give you an API.
This gets pretty hard. I know a startup in Singapore that could probably help.

Answered 7 years ago

Shopstyle has a ton of this. Millions of skus - however, you need to set up your own key identifiers to really make it rock.

For Passo, we built an engine to normalize the data by working with nearly 30 stylists to set our key identifiers

Answered 7 years ago

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