I want to run a blog about the scientific analysis of ancient techniques for improving health. Should I use or

I have a blog named Mental Therapy - Self Help Therapy Analyzed By a Former Psychotic on it I plan to analyze alternative medicine , psychology and spirituality in an evidence based way. I'm a recovered psychotic so that's the main USP of my business. Here's the basic 'name logic': Psychotao: Taoism had a great tradition of various techniques for improving mental healfth, that are actual very similar to many self help techniques available today. And there's actually evidence that something as esoteric has a very real psycholgical benefit (I have studies for it). Why is that? What's the secret behind the healing power of spirituality and alternative medicine. On this blog I'll tell you the true science behind alternative energetic techniques and other self help techniques. My ultimate purpose is to create practical techniques for improving mental health - mental therapy. You can see the blog currently on Mental Therapy - Self Help Therapy Analyzed By a Former Psychotic Here's an example article: I have a whole product line planned allow me to describe it: 1 Energy therapy: Energy Healing techniques without the lies. Basically a scientific analysis of the human energy systems (chakras) along with a practical analysis of self-help techniques involving energies 2 Sexual transmutation- how to get rid of your sexual feelings and porn addiction ( unique no?) 3 Psychotao - the scientific psychological analysis of yogic and taoist alchemy 4 Creative eating- the diet for creative people. Basically it will be like a test to determine your metabolic type along with a technique to make eating more pleasurable through imagination. 5 Energetic Writing- Spiritual techniques for better creative writing I am not sure weather I can put all of this under mental therapy I am also open to other domain name suggestions that I could use to promote all 5 products. You at least know exactly the goals for my site. I want to promote my books and the associated home study courses (each book will have a home study course tied to it) Additionally I want to tie it into the forum/social network I am launching with my friend


Good morning, this is a loaded question. Try breaking it down into a few more strategic questions relevant to your current development stage. Or give one of us a call, there are experts here like myself who have worked with startups on your similar market and or might know how to tackle your current hurdles through simple thought process.

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I'm not expert in this particular field, but I am an expert consumer, and if mentaltherapy is just so much easier to digest - and spell - than psychotao. You've got too much selling to do just to tell me what the site is about.

Mentaltherapy is quite clear.

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When looking at domain names, a .com is always going to be best. .net's should be avoided unless it is in addition to a .com you already own.

It's just about guaranteed that people will inadvertently go to the .com.

However, if you have already started using the .net, it may be best to just go with it. Depending on how much you have put into it.

That's probably the best answer I can give without looking more into what you are trying to do.

But in general, that is what I advise on domain names.

Hope that helps,

- JR

P.S. If interested, I'll do a VIP call for free in exchange for a review of the call.

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Your blog should represent scientific connection between the mind and body to have people trust you. Therefore, I believe that is a good one for you. The brain is the hardware that allows us to experience these mental states. Mental states can be fully conscious or unconscious. We can have emotional reactions to situations without being aware of why we are reacting. Positive feeling states are associated with healthier bodies, improved thinking, and enhanced decision-making capabilities. Intentionally invoking a positive feeling can enhance our ability to function in our lives. It involves re-experiencing a positive emotional state and feeling it in your body.
You can read more here:
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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