I have a social enterprise that empowers women and run a coaching practice to pay my bills. I currently reach a network of 25000 (15000 on social media). In order to increase my reach I could increase my online chat show to weekly publishing, but need funding to manage professional quality good enough for commercial radio. Weekly shows will get me into an even bigger platform extending my market to 80000 more women on yet another social enterprise business. PS - estimate a 12% success rate with kickstarter based on my social media platform to raise 35 000. I need $32000 for a years production at professional levels. need to know who to approach internationally with a similar ethos, who seeks exclusive sponsorship, has a customer centric approach with the intention to create a positive attitude in the midst of my target audience 45 year old women entrepreneurs in Africa

Considering you already have a large following, your best option would be to fund your shows via Patreon ( Many shows on Youtube, and many musicians and other artists with a following make a considerable amount of money from their fans through Patreon, some over $20k / month.

You can set it up to be either a per-month, or per-content payment, and you set up benefits to each level of donation, just like in Kickstarter.

Patreon is not very searchable, so success on their platform relies entirely on you already having a substantial audience that you can ask to get on board (e.g. at the end of each of your podcasts, and in emails, your website, etc.).

If you'd like to discuss how to best break down your funding/benefit options give me a call,

best of luck,


Answered 5 years ago

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