We are a Mexican company that develops tequila brands for European Latin American investors who would like to enter the US market. We need advise on marketing and distributor sales.

No. But here are my two cents.

Look only for a company who does not rely heavily in one other products besides what would be yours.
Also, don't select a distributor who has a similar product as yours. You put them in a bind, even if they say they won't be affected in their decision making of who to put in a shelve.
Shelves are very very valuable real estate and chances are you will struggle to get yours in a shelve if your distributor has a similar product established with them or a brand that vendors see now as synonymous of their distributor label.

Maybe even consider picking up a starting company or individual and build as your own extension..requires more capital upfront but you control the distribution rights and operational expenses which benefit the long run.

Answered 5 years ago

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