Has anyone successfully used Reddit to build a community / reach evangelists for your product and, ultimately drive organic traffic?

I would love to chat on concrete strategies that could work.


I've done this on a small scale for my product, but it worked nicely, and I learned some useful techniques. I'd be happy to talk with you about the process, and also answer any other startup questions you might have.

Best of luck,


Answered 7 years ago


I'm a "Reddit Marketer". I built a business and acquired all my initial customers from Reddit and Facebook Groups, without spending a dime on marketing.

We hit 6 figures in revenue our first year.

I wrote about this, and ultimately my post became the #35 Top Post of 2015 in r/Entrepreneur, a community of nearly 200,000 members (and drove even more clients to us):

I also wrote an article called "How to Market on Reddit (Without Getting Eaten Alive)":

I've gotten several posts to the front page of Reddit (the #9 most popular site on the internet), including this one I did for The Askhole Podcast:

I can provide verification that this was actually me, and screenshots of the post reaching the #10 spot on the front page of Reddit.

I am extremely comfortable marketing on Reddit, so let me know what type of business/service you're wanting to promote, and I can give you some advice on giving it the best chance of success.

Answered 6 years ago


I've been using Reddit to build a community for a couple of small local brands in my area!

I really enjoy Reddit because of the ability to create organic traffic from the site. Once you create a post, you can see if anyone reacts to it organically, or is familiar with your product or service.

It's also a great platform to interact with your consumers. You can answer any questions they might have, or provide them with information they are seeking about the product.

I've taken a more informational approach to Reddit starting out because a lot of people weren't familiar with the brands in the area. I always ask if anyone has questions, and I've been pretty successful in communicating with what used to be 1 or 2 consumers every couple of weeks to at least 5 a week.

The more time and effort you put into it, the better results you'll get.

I recommend it!

Answered 6 years ago

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