Strategies for lead generation and sales to Bariatric Surgeons

I am working with a client that is focused on building and maintaining a large, national website that focuses on ranking bariatric keywords on Google Page 1. It works like this: We pre-rank a page on Google Page 1 for terms like, say, "bariatric surgeon Seattle" and then we reach out to surgeons (or clinics) IN SEATTLE who might be interested in "renting" that page. It's really a no-brainer: we charge a few thousand or so a month, and bariatric surgeries are expensive enough (sometimes 30 - 35K) that if the client got only ONE CONVERSION IN ONE YEAR from our page rental, usually they still come out ahead... MY PROBLEM: I need suggestions and help for lead generation and sales to these surgeons, who are notoriously hard to reach. We are working with an email list in one region, but we are also looking at LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn InMail strategies... At this point, I need some solid help here. Not sure how to approach this market. And we do prefer some sort of social media play... Finally, if you feel that you have expertise in this specific area of selling online marketing products to surgeons, and you are confident that you could help us move the conversion needle, please reach out, and I might call you. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time!


Like any other industry, these surgeons (and their staff) attend regular training. Many of them are coordinated through a regional training organization; contact them and offer to host a free training course on how bariatric surgeons and grow their practice through online marketing.

I'd be happy to offer more thoughts and suggestions, let's set up a call.

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You need to reach out to the person working with the surgeon who is responsible for their marketing or their customer service - such as a clinic manager, patient representative or equivalent; or a hospital or health system-based marketing department representative if the bariatric surgery program is affiliated with one. Oftentimes bariatric surgeons do community seminars or webinars so getting the names of the individuals coordinating those programs on behalf of the surgeon could also be beneficial. It is not likely you'd be able to reach the surgeon themselves. If you were able to reach them, they may be able to influence the marketing decisions being made about their program, but they are likely not the sole decision maker. Hope that is helpful.

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I haven't done this well, I'm just repeating what others have said, but are you trying to meet these surgeons in person in any way? Like you promote with your site, if you make just one connection with one bariatric surgeon that works with you, that's totally worth it.

Patrick McKenzie and Brennan Dunn advocate in person presentations at local chambers of commerces for example, so maybe there's some type of marketing or business summit for these surgeons that you can speak at or attend.

Another idea. You and I both know that people search Google for everything. So why not rank your own agency or consultancy for those you're going after. It's possible there are surgeons out there searching "how to get bariatric surgery patients" or something similar. Maybe only 5 searches a month, but you know the value of each of those searches.

Many in the agency/consulting world advocate high-touch sales and networking as the best way to get clients over ads or organic search, since it's a closer relationship required with lower volume.

Would love to hear what you try and what works!

Answered 8 years ago

Doximity ( has over 500,000 doctors and surgeons across the US on their professional network. I'd sign up, do a search for "Bariatric Surgeons" and then use to get their email. Doctors will be nearly impossible to get ahold of by phone. Email will be your best shot. Once you figure out the process for finding their first name, last name and hospital name you can hire someone on Upwork for $3 per hour to do the data-entry and Toofr uploads.

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Strategies for lead generation and sales are as follows:
1. Create gated content
This is an effective lead generation strategy, as it gives the audience something of value for free while attracting high-quality leads that are interested in topics related to your brand or offerings.
This allows you to stay top of mind with customers as well as share promotions for your products and services that can drive prospects further down the purchase funnel.

2. Offer a coupon or discount
Convert prospects who are interested in your products and services by offering a coupon or discount as your lead magnet. This attracts valuable long-term and short-term leads.

3. Provide a freemium product or free trial
Free trials and freemium products attract qualified, interested prospects who are not ready to buy. They also allow your brand to convert free users into paying customers by teasing paid features and delivering drip email campaigns that promote the benefits of upgraded accounts.

4. Use a live chat on your website
Live chat prompts audiences to ask questions about products or services while visiting your website. It can be used as one of your lead generation strategies by requiring users to provide their contact details to submit a question or by promoting some other lead magnet like a demo. When customers have questions, they want answers fast.

5. Optimize your website to promote your lead magnet
To generate more leads, make sure website visitors can easily find your lead magnet. Design on-site funnels that segment your audience and drive them toward the lead magnet most likely to resonate with their needs and interests.

6. Pay to promote lead magnets on social media
Use paid social ads as one of your lead generation strategies. Targeting options on paid social ads are extremely powerful. You can target people on macro levels or micro levels, allowing you to connect with an awfully specific audience.

7. Retarget people who have engaged with your brand
Use retargeting to reconnect with audiences who have engaged with your brand but failed to take the next step. Retargeting allows you to show ads to people who engaged with your brand’s website or social pages. Because customers may need to see your brand a few times before they convert, retargeting is a strategic way to continue guiding customers down the purchase funnel. Retargeted ads look just like normal ads, but they only target audiences who have already engaged the brand in some way.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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