What metrics are investors looking for in a fashion/clothing/apparel startup?

2 years in business w/ $2M+ in total sales. All online sales. 90%+ gross margins, 10,000 + unique customers,... BUT what specifically are investors most concerned with? Looking to raise $1M at a $10M post.


Team is more important than the startup itself. Investors prefer invest in the Jockey over the Horse. There may be n number of reasons for not getting through the funding rounds. If your startup is able to provide 10x return I can invest straight away. However, I will look at the team first and foremost and then I will look at the management skills and then I will come to other metrics like traction and scalability.

Answered 4 years ago

- repeat customers/revenues?
- LTV of customer vs user acquisition cost
- engagement of customers with brand
- growth rate
- management

There is much more and this question is hard to answer without more details. Set up a call and we can get you to the next level of understanding w/in 30-45 minutes.


Answered 5 years ago

We just closed an investment for our apparel company. Our experience is that it depends on the type of investor. Different investor, different focus. We found many looking for a tech component, but that maybe had to do with our location and with the profile of investors we approached. They are looking for disruption. We were surprised that it was fairly easy to talk to potential investors. We customized the information based on the individual investors profile and interest. Happy to offer a call.

Answered 5 years ago

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