We want to install some fun culture into our start-up workplace - it gets busy busy and we've got a great team but want them to enjoy the place too. We don't have huge budgets or space, but are open to any innovative suggestions! (although as a big kid, would be good to have at least one big (fun) ticket item that would work all-round for a bit of friendly competition without just being a one-minute-wonder gimmick). Also, we're trying to be resourceful as it's a (temporary) 1000sqft serviced office to make it looks softer / more aesthetically pleasing - plants for dividing space / couple of sofas for meetings etc. Any other thoughts all welcomed. Thanks!!!!

I'm a big fan of board games and Card Games in general. We play board games as a team almost every Friday. Some of my favorites are Survive, Star Wars Armada, Takenoko and Sushi Go. Star Wars Armada in particular was super fun and super geeky - which we like. Great question and smart thing to think about...

Answered 6 years ago

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