How to make a business networking platform work in Asia?


I have provided digital marketing and e-commerce advice to clients here in the US as well as Dubai and South Asia. My understanding of your challenge is creating a social network that would rival LinkedIN on a more local level. The solution to a successful network is always an engaged user base, and the path to such a base is solving a problem. What particular needs do you think prevailing networks are not meeting?

If you'd like to get on a call, I'll help you set up some information gathering mechanisms, then we can talk about team formation strategies and user base growth. Look forward to hearing from you!


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Exchanging business cards is an essential part of most cultures. In Japan, for instance, this ceremony is called meishi. The business card is admired much more in the Asian culture than in Western society. Tucking it into a pocket, writing on it, folding it or even looking at it again are considered impolite and could insult your Asian contact. Most networking basics are universal, and with some care, you can factor in these and other cultural nuances to get a leg up. You can rest assured that your networking etiquette and respect will be greatly appreciated as your business increasingly takes you into other countries.
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Answered 3 years ago

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