How are companies approaching consumers in Latin American markets while centralizing their strategies to hispanic clients who live in the US?

I would like to know if companies that cater hispanic consumer in the US consider Latin American consumer part of their audiences.


I've been helping companies market to Spanish speakers for over 5 years.
As with most questions that stretch across borders and cultures, the answer is, "it depends". Here are some of the factors at play:
1) US Hispanics are over 80% of Mexican descent, meaning that as a general practice, your marketing can be similar
2) But their situations are very different. In the US (according to census data), Hispanics trend lower income. But for products that have a US price point, you are going to have to appeal to wealthier Mexicans (for example).
3) Depending on your product/service, you may have to adapt pricing/messaging to fit cultural norms, or what people can afford.
4) Other issues: if you are a content company that sells advertising, you may want to EXCLUDE people from LATAM, as many advertisers are only trying to sell in the US.

Obviously to give good advice I would need more context. Feel free to set up a call with me (I donate all proceeds to charity), and I'll be glad to talk through this with you.

Answered 8 years ago

I have utilized a Platform approach via the WEB to accomplish generational Marketing. I use this term to recognize that various geographic/ethic areas are more advanced than others in regards to messaging, methods, modalities, and overall purchase habits. If you would like to discuss, just setup a call

Answered 8 years ago

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