What could be the challenges, If you were to build a repository and an online marketplace for pre-built BI dashboards?

A market place where data experts and analysts can publish their pre-built dashboards to sell or connect with prospective clients. For Example: A company/individual using a specific tool (eg. tableau software) can search for a dashboard that suits their requirement from a huge repository created by a global community of data experts(vendors).


The core challenge with all marketplace businesses is that you must develop both sides of the market simultaneously.

I've been through this with several of our own brands (Fundable, Clarity) - and while they presented additional unique challenges - the core is brining both the supply and demand side of the market to the table at the same time, with the appropriate ratios to create a thriving commerce environment.

I'm happy to talk through our experiences, and those of countless clients who faced similar obstacles in starting their businesses.

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Answered 5 years ago

The challenge I think will be that the very nature of business intelligence is specific to the company's industry, processes, target market, challenges, objectives and more. If the templates were modular by industry and process like for SMB healthcare or lending portfolio management then there would still need to be customization by the client in terms of the KPIs as well as the data schema. I've written an article on the 5th Perspective which you can find here: which relates to what you are talking about. My company is doing something similar and I think it's needed but need probably more refinement in the business model.

Answered 5 years ago

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