We are a focussed consulting firm serving global clients. Our current website ( ) is almost 4 years old. 25% of our sales lead comes from website traffic and based on that thought, we have initiated to re-design our current website. thus need your quick thoughts on the below mentioned links: Pls spare few minutes and suggest which one looks more corporate and if there is a need to make any further changes to your chosen link. I wish to make the new website LIVE by 1st Jan, so a quick response would be appreciated.

I personally prefer the second two. That being said, given ghat 25% of your leads come through your website you may want to test each variation to make sure your users respond well to the new design. You should also check how much traffic you're receiving from search engines and prepare for a drop in traffic after launch. If January is a busy season for your business, it might not be the best time for a full redesign. Will these new designs be responsive? I would make sure your new site is mobile friendly.

Answered 7 years ago

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