What is a good 7 day retention rate after signing up for a social shopping startup?

When is it time to start acquiring users and not losing them after?


A 7 day retention rate may not be the right cycle by which to measure, depending on the natural usage patterns of your users. And besides which, this is probably not the one metric that matters to you, right now.

For example, are the core social components working well but there's little evidence of any purchase conversion? Or is it flipped? People are reacting to certain purchase opportunities but not contributing too much to the social community you're trying to build?

To be clear, retention matters *a lot* to the long term viability of your business, but it's not something to overly optimize before getting the core of your product tuned to what people want. So focus first on measuring the extent to which the actions you want your users to do are getting done before looking at overall user retention would be my suggestion.

Happy to talk through this in more detail with you.

Answered 7 years ago

7-days is difficult without knowing the vertical and whether there's a web to app crossover and unified customer definition, but I'd say 10% would be incredible.

Answered 7 years ago

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