What are some of the best mobile app development teams money can buy?

I'm a (non-technical) inventor that just raised a lot of money (450K) from an angel investor to get an app idea I have developed. I have 2 patents on the novel aspects of the apps inner-workings and I'm ready to get it developed. I'm willing to spend good bit on creating a beautiful, functional, well-supported, data driven, and monetizable app around my IP. I already have a skilled CTO (20+ years with Cisco) and I'm looking for a top notch app development studio. We already constructed a very detailed and solid development scope and we're to contact studios for estimates. Chaotic Moon is a great example of the level of quality we are looking for in an app studio. I'm a 22 year old Georgia Tech student btw. Go Jackets!


I have found CrossComm in Durham, NC to be among the best. Sean, their tech lead, really helped us at Reveal Mobile. They are reasonably priced with an impressive client roster (Duke, LG, T-Mobile, etc...). See and just give them a call at 919-667-9432.

Answered 8 years ago

We work with companies for longterm, trust goes first! We have our HQ in Chernivtsi,Ukraine and I'm project manager based in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

We are a software companie: Global IT Support
Focussed on new technologies : iBeacons, Internet of Things, mobile, and more

We mostly work for clients in Europe but also did a project related to Wearables in San Francisco (remotely)

Answered 8 years ago

I won't say that we are the only best, though we've rolled out quite really good and complex app projects (full stack) in the past; many for Georgia tech. alumni startups, like this one:-

1. Server emulator and wearable iPod Apps integrated with ring scanner and work in warehouse environment:-

For IBM AS400 series

For unix, linux

Many other cool Apps we did are:-

• WrapUp News App and backend -
• Aiko & Egor –
• WeSnap (Photo editing and social network)-
• SALT (Safe a life today) -,
• Low carb menu planner –

.• Food ordering Apps (for a startup in California, USA) - ,

• Following is a demo admin panel (for reporting, content publishing, user-management, report generation) for ChabuBusiness Directory Apps (mentioned above), it’s a demo panel so play with it.
username -
password - Agicent!123

We are a 30 people strong app development house, and in the business since 6 years. The founders have collective exp of 50 years (mine 11 years included!) in software development and have worked across North America, UK,

Drop me a note at and discuss your needs.

Answered 8 years ago

I am Software Developer for almost 10 years now, i will continue doing it i think for the rest of my life.

I've been almost 6 years now as CTO of a Software Factory developing Technological Products, and i have a lot experience in the subject that you are referring.

You need a studio that understand your product, and take the time to understand what the idea is about, ideally with severals people from the Technical side who can understand a Product Process and how it can be matched with your product. That has to be your main goal, and not the Developers.

A product is build as a solution to a necessity, and developers usually do not understand that.

Also your provider has to have compliance with the most advanced techniques in Product Development (Agile, Iterative Increments, Change risks), and be available to manage the Development Team in that way.

Developer teams is an underlying issue, that can be solved with money and that's it.

A Team of 3 Developers, with a Product Owner and Coaching (Scrum) could cost between $10.000 and $70.000 a month depending in which country you hired.

And do not get yourself fool by golden salesman, a Software MVP must be out in two or three months tops, and be ready for retrospective and adjustment in the course for getting to optimal response to the market and strategical changes.

Answered 8 years ago

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