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I just uploaded my first offer on clarity. I'm brand new to the site and prior to this platform I mostly used word of mouth to build awareness. Can anyone share any best practices for getting traction and building momentum using this platform, internal to the users of the platform? How best to get sessions booked? Thanks, Ken


Easy: answer questions.

I love to focus on questions within my defined area of expertise that don't have any answers already posted. I check this almost daily and jump in on questions I feel that I can add value to.

You can also review other questions that have answers already, and offer your insights. Your message may be slightly different than other experts -- but there is beauty in that! Not every user will identify with every expert.

Most of the consulting calls I have booked as a result of Clarity come from folks who read my answer to a question, not the original user who posted the question.

To see success, you have to put yourself out there and commit to investing time to the community.

All the best,

Answered 8 years ago

Hi Ken,

Like you, I am also a “newbie!” I joined because I love the concept of providing CLARITY to the masses as a subject matter expert. However, a few things limit full engagement with the INTERNAL audience, which I hope the Clarity team will improve in 2016.

FYI, Clarity provides a short list of things you can do to improve your profile, one of which mentions how to increase the likelihood of getting Clarity members to contact you (see #8): However, if everyone (including top experts) employs the same tactic, you are forced to differentiate by your response (be first or provide the best response). In the event that the first or best response does not lead to a phone call, do comps. Look at peer and competitor profiles and compare price, area (s) and depth of expertise, frequency and most recent calls, service copy, etc. Also, determine prospective customer needs and user patterns by the frequency and type of questions posed.

Keep in mind that there are two types of clarity customers: 1. Subject matter novices that Clarity members drive to the site via email databases, website/mobile links and social media mentions and 2. Existing members: peers who give complementary advice and b. competitors who are more/less versed in a subject than you. Here’s a challenge: You are speaking primarily with your PEERS and COMPETITORS, but your copy may only address subject matter novices. One way to know if your copy is suitable is to A/B test service type/expertise and also search terms. If you garner unique page views, your search terms are feasible. If you are not getting calls, there are a list of reasons, most of which you may not discover until you field a call. You can resolve by offering to field calls for free/discounted in exchange for reviews. Use to survey those who call about why they called.

Although I am new to the Clarity, I have observed several patterns, particularly with pricing, that stifles competition in some subjects. I have also observed patterns in purchasing habits and where demand is highest. I like the concept enough to continue to test and, ultimately, impress.

Stay tuned!


Answered 8 years ago

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