Developing a native mobile application on ios and Android with a lot of web interfacing. What are my best options for web backend storage and code?

I am currently developing my web app that will support my application in php. We frequently run the http client in the native os to call upon URLs to run the scripts I have made for the web app. These photos scripts take arguments inside the URL string. I return json data to the client side device. I am wondering what I should migrate to that will assure great scalability and reliability. Also ease of use when implementing the web interfacing in the client side code. I am so busy with getting the application done to meet a deadline that I cannot research best practices. We will have a small grace period of "proof of concept" before we start scaling. During that grace period I want to completely re write the web app to a more robust system. As of now I am using php scripts and mySQL DB.... I was thinking of moving to java application on Google compute engine. I need help please!


HI! Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you.

I would say write it in the language you are most familiar with. If you feel comfortable in Java, then it's a great choice. NodeJS is also a very popular choice for API servers, and Python has two great, slim tools in Flask and Eve: and

Also, PHP 7 just came out and it's been thoroughly vetted; even if it's not battle-tested yet, it's way faster than previous versions and worth the investment if you are familiar with php.

As for storage, it really depends on your data structure, but SQL fits most apps really well, and there is good support for it in cloud hosting.

For hosting, I would look at AWS and Google. AWS offers more robust storage options with RDS and DynamoDB, but I bet Google is catching up fast. Both are very good options and offer great scalability, but are more complex to setup than a pair of VPSes.

If you're in the market for a VPS, Linode has a managed Load Balancer service that's easy to setup and you can get a good HA setup for webservers with minimal effort.

I guess the storage part depends very much on your data. Feel free to ring me up, I'd be happy to explore this further.

Answered 8 years ago

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