How do i put in place a business strategy for a new vertical?

In the business dev area, handling a new vertical in a software services firm. steps to take to put in place a business strategy to attract customers?


Congratulations on your new opportunity.

For any business strategy to work, you must have the following:

- A clear, articulable mission or objective
- Buy-in from the entire group
- Ownership from each member of the group
- A system to measure the success of the strategy
- A well-defined customer persona including their pain points/ frustrations
- How you will solve those problems

Those are the elements of putting a strategy in place. Many in your position overlook key points: buy-in from the group and relentless obsession with solving the problem of the customer.

Your opportunity sounds interesting; I'd love to help you more and offer specific next steps.

If that would be of benefit to you, please reserve some time and book a call here on Clarity and we can get into a very specific plan for you.

All the best,

Answered 3 years ago

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