How do I grow a vertical which is starting up small currently? I m in business development and m looking at creating a brand story for my company

working with a software services company in Business development. How do i create a brand story to attract prospects to increase the business for my vertical? Any advise would be helpful.


I think my advice here ( also applies to this question.

To create a brand story, focus less on the brand and more on the story of your ideal customer.

What do they struggle with?
What problem are they looking to solve?
How do you solve that for them?
How do they feel before their problem is solved? After?
What happens if they don't solve it?
Why would they choose you over someone else with the same solution?

As I said before, this sounds interesting. I'd be happy to discuss more in detail and specific to your needs.

Feel free to book a call here and we can discuss your next steps.


Answered 7 years ago

Brand stories come from a good company vision, Clear company beliefs, and precise values. If you are having trouble, keep revisiting those concepts. Make them more transparent, drill into what it all means. The attraction comes from your marketing. Once you have a clear brand story and messaging, you amplify that through marketing. The first thing to know is whose attention you need. Then where are they? Of trying to get their attention, hence what type of content, ad's, flyers and whatever else you can think of doing.

Reach out to me if you need more assistance in getting the creative juices flowing.

Answered 4 years ago

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