Anyone know where I can find a co founder with different skills than mine? I would like like to find someone with experience in fundraising and growing a startup. I'm looking for skilled people to bring on board in order for me and the company to grow.

What type of CoFounder do you need? What's his/her role for your team?

I'm all for building a team if that's what you need. NOT having a CoFounder just to say you have one. FORGET that how to get rich nonsense. Investors especially want to see you can get someone else onboard before they take you serious.

I would recommend networking at local startup events. Hackathons are huge for finding tech cofounders. You could source talent at universities and colleges.

Also there are sites you could try like and which also host events in your area.

Feel free to give me a call for more ideas OR connect with me on LinkedIn 😉

Answered 6 years ago

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