I currently do everything, but really need to start bringing in help. I just celebrated 10 years of successfully running my design and web dev firm. I've got a list of contractors who do design work, programming, copy writing, and other tasks that build the products that my clients pay me to make for them. Where I struggle is that I have to be involved in every little thing, and I really only want to oversee the general growth and success of my company in its second decade. Where do I start? When you are the one person 'wearing all the hats', what is the smartest investment in hiring a part- or full-time employee? In other words, what tasks should I push off to a lower cost person so I can start to realize my next goals? I need to free up more time to sell more, grow more, and increase the business profitability. Right off, I feel that either a production manager or a general assistant would be good. If you've been through this in the same or a similar industry, I'd love to know the path you found to free up time and work fewer roles in your business.

My accountability partner in the UK just had this problem. He was doing every single task and was wanting to scale out of the minutia. Here's what I told him, there's three simple steps to begin the transition:

Step 1 - Build the systems. Are the systems currently done by robot and automation (can we convert to robots and automation if the answer is no?) or humans?

Step 2 - Right People Right Seat (read Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive) - you want to get the right personalities on the bus. I recommend you go with Culture Index or Predictive Index to bring in the right people (I can help you here if you need)

Goal: Hire top performing personality based sales, management, engineer and design talent.

Step 3 - Implement people in role. Invest time into them so they are very comfortable in role, can excel at role. Exit out of task and system.

Step 4- Repeat next system & task

I'd love to help you out and give you a free demo on Culture Index. You'll be amazed on how it identifies the best talent. Call me and let's demo your current contractors and employees.

Answered 6 years ago

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