What are the best curricula/training vendor/marketing providers for a small consulting firm?

We do consulting, staffing, and the last few years a lot of training around project management, business analysis, leadership, Data Analysis, Lean Six Sigma, and other misc topics. Corp Govt Nonprofit, all size firms, all over the world w/Austin TX local open enrollment. We are seeking service providers to produce some generic (like certification prep and intro stuff) courseware while we do the advanced best practices courses. We would also like to partner with service providers that list our courses and help us sell them for a commission. We would like to have more students in our open enrollment courses too. We are NOT after generic web/marketing services, rather providers or agencies with specific knowledge of training courses and the ability to market our courses world-wide. Where should we go to find what we need? We are considering VMEdu, SimpliLearn, Vertical Distinct, amongst others.


I am not sure if your courses are video-based, but I have had success with Udemy and Teachable. I teach WordPress and have 7 courses on Udemy right now. They pay instructors based on a percentage and also if the students are part of Udemy already or if you drive traffic to the course from your own internet marketing strategies.

I help companies get their courses started on Udemy as well.

Also, if you want to control the pricing structure a little more, check out Teachable. They are pretty good and as you requested, they take a small percentage.

I hope this helps.

Answered 8 years ago

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