What are the fundamentals of a marketing strategy for an online business?


Good question.

However, I think the better question should be; what system and thought process do I need to have for my Company

Because. Marketing is just one small factor of your enterprise. Each and every single part of your business needs to be working on all cylinders.

Below is a System we use to scale.

I call it...

4 Heuristic Chain of Command"

#1 High Level Thought Process

The Dynamics Between The Founders
Creating The Vision For The Company "Painted Picture"
The Management and Creation of Your Dream Team (Do you have the right people?)

#2 Strategy

Creating Fundamental Blueprints For Success (USP, Brand Message, Attractive Character, Product Fit)
Find And Establish Key Relationships And Networks (Who, What, Where and How?)
Building a Backend sales system. (80/20 Rule of Business) 80% Profits in Backend: Increase Profits

#3 Tactics

Leverage technology to enable better buying for customers and faster selling (Online Marketing)
Leverage Weekly KPI Performance Checks (What doesn't get measurend does not get improved)
Leverage Top Platforms For Exponential Growth (Double Down)

#4 Execution

Day-to-Day optimization of Sales Channels (Paid Traffic, Content Marketing, PR, Direct Sales, Phone sales)
Advanced analytics, social strategies and conversion optimization,for your business.(Dynamic, behavioral funnels)
Analyse and research, measure metrics, perform technical audits and get competitive intelligence. (Email Marketing)

I know this is probably not the answering you are looking for, but I hope you can keep an open mind



Answered 5 years ago

I've written hundreds of thousands of words on this topic on my blog:

The highlights are:
1. Know your goals and objectives
2. How how you will measure your performance to those
3. Understand your audience and their needs
4. Articulate how you will meet the needs of that audience on the platform of their choosing
5. Design the content (graphics, text, etc) to roll out
6. Measure, measure, measure
7. Adapt and adjust

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing tactic. Just like building a house requires different materials and tools, but the basics are the same.

So is a social media marketing strategy. The foundational elements (which I outlined above) are the same regardless of industry, product, customer, or price point.

The biggest mistake brands make when creating a marketing strategy is thinking about it from *their* perspective rather than identifying the problem of their customer and relentlessly focus on solving it.

I'd love to help more. Book a call and we can get into the specific tactics you will need.

I've helped hundreds of brands around the world create successful social media marketing strategies.

All the best,

Answered 5 years ago

The fundamentals are to not mistake online for being any different than offline, and to know your numbers!

Online is simply another medium or group of media, just like television, direct mail, and leaflets dropped from airplanes. Always keep this mind. The moment that you start thinking online is somehow special or different or easier, you've started down the path of error.

Now to numbers. In a car or truck, you only have two systems and therefore two potential problem sources to track: electrical and mechanical. It's not going to be anything else.

In an online business (and remember, it's the same as offline), you only have two systems: traffic and conversion.

That's all it's going to be. How do you get people TO where you want them to go...your web page, your sales letter, your VSL, your squeeze page...and how do you get them to DO what you, opt-in, complete the survey, etc.

Get your measures in place to track the performance these systems. Learn how to quickly diagnose which side the problem is on so you can optimize. If you want a rapid education in how to do so, book a call with me.

Answered 5 years ago

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