How can I increase my conversion rates (Hops to Sales) for the affiliate products I am promoting?

I am relatively new to affiliate marketing (2 months in). I have leveraged many other monetization strategies with a substantial amount of success in the past. I have written two articles recently that have a good amount of views and upvotes. People seem to find them pretty valuable. I am getting hops through my affiliate links, but pretty terrible conversion rates. What can I do to better my conversion rates? Salehoo is earning $.23/hop on several thousand hops (lowest in the program) and I've had 1,067 hops to Affilorama with 3 non-recent trial signups, 2 of which have re-billed to me at least once. I suspect my audience is not targeted enough. I would love to get some coaching from someone who can provide a good initial response. Cheers Zach


I have some thoughts on this, that I hope could help you:

Your traffic comes easy: Who doesn't want to make a million dollars in no time? But after jumping from your articles, people realize, that this is harder work than they thought. You are not just pushing product - you are asking people to make a career choice. And that is a harder sell.

So make it easy for them to say yes.

Create information products:
- People are initially suspicious: If it is so easy as they say on the sites, why don't you do it? What is the risk for me, if I sign up for this.

- Provide examples from your own experience: People love storytelling and to step in the footsteps of others - at least process wise. When they are familiar with the setup, they will create their own paths.

- Business plan for the first 100 days. What is the time commitment? What is the upside and downside? What must be in place competencewise to be successful (product knowledge, network to sell, other things?)

- Tell your own story in articles: this is how you did it - these are the pitfalls of setting up your own business. Let them know, that you can help.

- Think about building it into your own site instead of Quora. That way you could integrate with your information products more easily.

Good idea to be very open that you are affiliated. That sends a message of honesty. But make the article by itself worth their while, so they leave with something interesting - even if they haven't clicked through to the affiliates.

Best of luck. Let me know, if you want me to clarify any of the suggestions further.

Best regards
Kenneth Wolstrup

Answered 8 years ago

Hi Zach -

Conversion rate increases will come via a combination of:
1) Clarity of value proposition.
2) Perceived competitive value.
3) Strength of your current offer/promotion.
4) How you marshal the persuasive elements on your landing page(s).

Sounds like you are benchmarking some of the competition. Good. I think you use Clickbank? I am familiar with it. I would recommend at least one A/B test to find a landing page that will increase your conversions. Let's talk, and I will follow with a mark-up of your page for what you can test.

Answered 8 years ago

First of all try improving your pre sell copy , split testing different copies , just because you say you have some good pages isn't enough ... Also build lists , iF you are promoting click bank and not building list you are loosing tons of money , People may not join your recommended service on day one they want to make sure what they are getting is legit etc so they do more research etc , the best bet would be to build list encourage them to contact you if they have any questions and presell them the program through emails as well ..

Answered 8 years ago

Upselling, cross-selling, and downselling can positively affect your conversion rates in a number of ways.

According to research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru, the simple act of making recommendations for further purchases to customers can account for anywhere from 10-30% of overall ecommerce revenue. Over a decade ago, Amazon stated that upselling and cross-selling were responsible for 35% of the company’s revenue.

To be sure, this number is largely atypical. However, it’s generally accepted that upsells make up anywhere from 2-4% of a company’s overall sales numbers, and cross-sales represent up to around 2% of such (usually around .5-1%).

As downselling is more of an “on the fly” technique and is harder to track (i.e., salespeople aren’t likely to log instances in which they made a smaller sale in lieu of a customer turning away a larger sale), actual statistics regarding downsales are hard to pin down. However, it stands to reason that providing a more convenient or affordable option to prospects inherently nudges them closer toward making a purchase.

You can find more information in Fieldboom's blog:

Answered 7 years ago

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