Where do I find guidance and/or advice on how to set up a protocol system for potential recording studio franchises?

I own a recording studio. I'm trying to set up a company protocol in preparation for franchising my business. This would basically be a guidelines on how to treat customers, how to set up equipment, how franchises should look, etc. I would like to learn more about how companies give over their systems when selling a franchise. I searched a lot online but couldn't find any resources on this. Is it through video training? Tests? How do they assure that the franchises remember - and act on - the protocol ?


Check out a site called SweetProcess to help you build out systems. And also read a book called the E-Myth Revisited to learn the mindset for building them all out. Version 1.0 should be good. 1 year later you'll do a big update to it based on Franchisee feedback for V 2.0

Answered 9 years ago

I've been in the music business quite some time.

Have you validated that this is a need in the marketplace?

I'd hate for you to create an opportunity for something that would not serve you.

I'd checkout for some free advice on Franchising.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn 😃

Answered 9 years ago

Like one of the other people mentioned - have you worked on a "proof of concept" - that this is actually a viable concept. The amount of upfront work when developing a franchise systems can be quite substantial - as well as costly. That does not mean you shouldn't research it.

I am not an expert on your particular category (recording studio/music) - but I have franchised two (2) of my own businesses - and many others through my coaching services - so I know what systems you need to have in place for franchise recruiting/development/training/support/marketing etc..

I am not sure of your location - and how far along in your "vision" of franchising. If you could provide more details - I can offer more suggestions specific to your needs.

Answered 9 years ago

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