How can I advertise on different forums where users are talking about my competitors?

Is there a way I can advertise on different forums where users are talking about my competitors? I see that there are a bunch of forums where other people are talking about my competitors; so to increase my brand name I want to be able to advertise to these users as well. Could I use Google Display Network in Adwords to reach these forums that are partnered up with Google? Or are there any other methods I can use?


Just a thought from someone currently working on marketing his own firm online:

Ideally, your existing customers would be so happy with your product, that they would write about you in those forums. Could you help them do that, or lead their attention to it? Or - if you think that is unethical - could you respectfully recommend your own product in the forums?

Alternatively, you could just participate in the discussions and add value like that. You could learn about how your competitors work from their customers perspective, and get new ideas for your own product from the interaction.

That way, you would get both visibility and ideas for product development.

Good luck with your branding! Feel free to set up a call if you want to discuss the idea more in depth.

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Answered 3 years ago

Focus everything on how your product helps "them" get what they want. Your USP. It is not just about your "brand" at this point. Describe the benefits of your product, then introduce the brand name as the one that best provides those needed and wanted benefits.

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Answered 3 years ago

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