I am a small startup with a very limited budget. I am not sure about approaching the service providers directly as I am a small startup with no credibility. I'd like to get something up and running very quickly so that I can prove the model and generate revenue. Approaching the big service providers will mostly likely have a long sales cycle. Any ideas how Groupon/Daily Deals have achieved this?

It would be helpful to know the sector.

I would try and start hyper local. That way you can easily and quickly get deals with small local businesses. You can then grow to small chains and then larger chains for a wider coverage.

Small local business are in my experience very up for these kinds of programmes which might drive more sales or footfall.

If you're looking at bigger corps or online brands then you should start with reselling an existing affiliate programme e.g affilinet in Europe.

Happy to give more specific advice on a call.

Answered 5 years ago

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