Which free strategies can I use to target university students?

I have a service that targets the university student demographic. Where can I find them online without paying for ads?


Tough to answer in full without knowing what your service is, but there are plenty of ways to get in front of college students.

A few ideas:
- Build a blog with useful/interesting content, share on social, build an audience
- Incentivize current users to invite their friends through a referral program or a campus rep program
- Find sites where college kids spend a lot of time (think: Reddit), or posts relevant to your service and get involved in the conversation
- Are there on-campus clubs or groups that would find your service particularly useful? Try reaching out to see if they'd be willing to give it a try

Let me know if you want to hop on a call & discuss more ideas.

Answered 5 years ago

While working as a promoter at my University campus (quite a few years ago!), I can promise you that your best options are:

- A popular facebook account
- Campus reps (usually attractive female students)
- Society/club presidents

For this to work, you'll find it much easier to start somewhere hyperlocal where you can physically get face-to-face with people. Once you've established strategies and processes, you can start scaling out locally. However, the promotions team I worked with *still* physically visit each University campus around the UK and Europe at least once a year to keep the relationships going with their regional managers.

It's not coincidence that Facebook started at Harvard, and it's where the founders attended...

Answered 5 years ago

Sign up for all of their newsletters then respond with your brief pitch. Many are do-not-respond emails, but you will be suppressed at how many are not. Secondly, type in words related to your product and put the name of the newspaper, media that you want behind it in the search. For example, (type of product) WSJ. Then contact the writer who wrote a similar story as yours. Their email address will usually be at the bottom of the article. I have been featured in NYT, WSJ, ABC News and other media by doing this.
Best of Luck,
From the Trenches to the Towers Marketing

Answered 5 years ago

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