Queen Mary LLM Scholarship Application

I have been grants an unconditional offer to study an LLM at Queen Mary. I will like to apply for scholarship which has just been launched. Can anyone recommend a sure fire way of writing my personal statement? I will leave my job by the end of year, I have a start up in the field of my study which has taken a chunk of my savings already. Oh, if it helps, I am African. Thank you.


Hi there,

Congratulations on your scholarship! I am both a startup adviser and college professor.

My advice is based on my experience in the US, so please bear that in mind.

Typically a personal statement is a combination of resume, aspirations and suitability. In that the school wishes to see your achievements, life experiences, goals, abilities and how all those make you a great candidate for their school. Most schools like to see your connectedness to their history and culture, and want to be satisfied that you will both gain from their learning and add to the institution.

I am happy to get on a call with you to discuss how your startup experience and mindset can be leveraged for this as well as learn more about why you want a law degree in the first place.

Look toward to speaking with you!


Answered 9 years ago

A personal statement says a lot about yourself, personal achievements and interests you have in your field of education. You can start writing by introducing yourself and the recent school you have attended. Also write about courses you learnt in your previous school and how it has built your interest to study the new course you want to undertake. Write about personal achievements and experiences and link it with reasons why you want to take up the new course. Give strong reasons why you chose that school and course and talk about what you bring on board when you join the school.

Answered 8 years ago

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