Should I use Zend Framework 2 as the framework for my subscription ecommerce site?

I unfortunately don't know how to code, so I am having someone else build the site. I've gotten recommendations for WordPress/WooCommerce, Ruby on Rails and PHP with Zend. The person I'm leaning towards is recommending PHP w/ Zend, but I am wondering if that is a good choice as far as the technology goes. Are there any disadvantages? Will it be difficult for me to find another developer that knows the Zend Framework once I get an in-house developer? If I need to make some tweaks, is there anyway that I might do it? (I've only taken 1 course of coding in college) Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!


Zend Framework 2 is one of the most used Frameworks out there standing next to Symfony 2/3. For example the Magento Shop Engine is based on Zend Framework 1 as well.

This said Zend Framework 2 is a good choice for web applications in general and there are lot's of developers out there. even offers certifications as Zend Framework 2 Certified Architect - so you can use their Yellowpages to find capable developers.

Anyways I would not recommend to start creating an ecommerce site from scratch since the existing engines provide so much more than a nice frontend for customers and payment gateway integrations. There are many existing engines you can customize - what most shops do.

Answered 4 years ago

You just missed about Laravel. Laravel php framework is the widely used in all over the world.

Answered 3 years ago

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