What are the best sources for doing JV deals on commercial and international deals?

I am interested in private money or hedge fund contacts.



I am the Managing Director of a $100m Technology Company

Private Equity are looking for high growth potential investments with a 3 year exit plan. Experience of the management team with past success will be a major consideration.

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Answered 3 years ago

To be hoenst let me ask some serous questions here
1)are you looking for investment or leadership investment in bussiness manner ?
2) do have clear bussiness strategy I am seeing like broken door with empty house where is your wisdom to lead companies like your need someone who know how to lead his own house properly as well as the bussiness maker don't say I do how to select someone says
" being best is not me your are the best in all by all but being the best means knowing your self and your final destination well " so I am saying know your final then you will figure out the answer to your selective let me help you by providing some from bible who selected 300/30000men means 10000:100 ratio you need this wisdom men you need this wisdom seriously so I recommend you do your best to select someone you need I also have some seriously warring point to as well
1) selection must need to based leadership nature not only qualifying professional you need to find someone who have or born leader
2) settled professional is cursial point you need go consider
3) full of wisdom and maturity specaily emotional and mentally matured professional
4) who know the bussiness well including challenging times and works

Answered 3 years ago

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